Tower of London

Tower of London 900 years of history

In addition to its two imposing walls surrounding the original White Tower, there would also have been a moat to stop attackers getting in. Inside you can see some of the magnificent armour and weaponry that would have been used over the centuries.

The three most popular reasons for visiting the tower however are the Ravens, giant members of the Crow family, who legend has it, that if they leave the Tower, the Tower will crumble and the monarchy will fall.

Living and working within the Tower are the famous Beefeaters, ex-military personnel of a minimum 22 years good service in their resplendent Tudor style uniforms and who possibly get their name from the fact they were paid in beef as they formed part of the King’s bodyguard.

No visit to the Tower is complete without visiting the priceless splendour of the Crown Jewels. Among the greatest collections of Royal Regalia in the world with some of the finest crowns and jewels you’ll ever see.

The Tower of London is truly a must see and is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight.