St Paul’s Cathedral

St Pauls CathedralOver 300 years old and the masterpiece of its architect Sir Christopher Wren. Recognised from all over London by its distinctive dome, one of the largest in the world, and the only domed Cathedral in the U.K.

Resting place to Britain’s two most famous military heroes, the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Nelson who both put an end to Napoleons attempts to dominate Europe. Alongside them in the magnificent crypt is Wren himself, in a very plain tomb which simply says ‘if you seek his monument look around you’.

National occasions of both celebration and mourning have taken place in St Paul’s, the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981 and the funeral of the Second World War Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1965.

St Paul’s and its dome is so much more than a church, it is also a symbol of national pride and resilience. Churchill wanted it protected at all costs during the war and a famous picture showing it still standing after devastating bombing all around, fuelled the people of London’s morale and resolve.

If you have a head for heights you must climb to both its inner and outer domes for its sensational views both of the church itself and the landscape of London. From the Whispering gallery look down the nave of this Baroque beauty, bathed in natural light through Wren’s plain glass windows. Now head outside to the very top of the 530 steps and enjoy the 360 degree panorama of London that will simply take your breath away.